…And I am not referring to your dress. The power of the table linen is one that over shadows multiple aspects of your wedding design and decor. That is, of course, if you choose to go with simple floral elements.

Linens come in different shades, sizes and styles, and it is important to always visualize what your reception hall will look like with your linen of choice. You always want to choose an overlay that compliments your wedding colors, but always keep in mind that it should not clash with elements at your venue. Some hotels and banquet halls have, with all due respect, a hideous choice of carpeting and sometimes curtains. In this case, I always aim to keep the choice simple and often times opt for a solid color with a slight sheen. Poly Dupioni’s are always a safe but beautiful choice as well as the classic Pintuck. But, if you want to spruce it up a bit more, think about a crush shimmer linen. These are a bit more elaborate as they have a beautiful shimmer to them while subtly showcasing two different hues.

For raw and less elaborate spaces I always suggest a more showy cloth; one that can actually be deemed the statement piece of the overall decor. A beautiful print, especially for spring and summer weddings, always does the trick. The beauty of linens with print is that they are not as expensive as specialty linen considering they are cotton after all. For more elaborate looks, especially for fall and winter weddings, I usually suggest cloths with a sparkle or even a flocked damask. These can be a bit more pricey but the idea is to have elaborate linens and keep the floral elements nice and simple.

As I continuously mention, design and production of weddings are usually the last process that couples focus on. But, if that is the case, look for your linen to save the day.

Written by: Felix Vargas of Punto Event Performance Space
Photography: Olli Studio