Stress is a killer. We all despise it. It can make you do all sorts of uncharacteristic things – and Wedding Planning stress is no different! If not caught beforehand, feelings of anger, sadness and being completely overwhelmed can sometimes escalate to arguments, and dare I say, yelling matches. It’s a universally agreed upon point that stress is no fun – and no good for your health (that’s a fact)!

As beautiful as it may be to plan a Wedding, it is not uncommon for a couple’s stress level to increase during the more detailed and intense planning phase. Here are a few tips to help get you through. As a side note: You’ll realize after the wedding is all set and organized, that whatever issues you may have encountered were actually very minuscule.

1) Weekly Dates are super important and a fantastic routine you should carry into your marriage. Sometimes, especially for couples who already live together, you need time away from home. Take turns choosing a place to meet up at after work and have a nice fare and wine. Get creative and visit “whole in the wall” restaurants with great reviews – an adventure that will pleasantly surprise you! Or you can opt for concerts, fairs, movie screenings, museums or any of the million and one fun things there are to do in your city.

2) Take a Hike! Sometimes we can spend a little too much time with our significant other. Space can be good, so be sure to take short weekend getaways with your best friends to local places. You can also plan a “friends night out” once or twice a month (or more). Planned get togethers with your inner circle are always a fun time, and allow you the chance to stay connected.

3) Sex!! Remember to have sex at least twice a week. It’s good for the soul, and quite frankly, it’s necessary for survival!

Try these at home and I can assure you it’ll reduce your Wedding Planning stress! Enjoy!

Written by: Felix Vargas of Punto Event Performance Space
Photography by: OLLI STUDIO