Executing a wedding is no easy task. Not only is it detailed and tedious for couples, it is equally so for vendors – however, I must say that it is tedious work that we love to do!

The Special Events and Wedding industry is ever changing, but I can’t help realize the one trend that still persists – and it has nothing to do with the industry itself. It has to do with the turbo speed in which society – and our clients – move today.

Simply put, in order for us to serve you better, a little bit of help from our clients will go a long way – including the following: A) Responding to emails in a timely manner. We understand that life gets busy but timing is everything, B) Following up with all of the vendors you contacted to confirm whether or not you will be working together. We get numerous inquiries for the same dates, and having your event on hold for an extended period of time can potentially muck up another couple’s booking; and C) Being transparent! The more we know about your Wedding Day vision and your budget, the better. We as vendors respect transparency and will try our best to put together proposals for clients that are easy on the wallets, and just as beautiful as big budget weddings.

There you have it! Three simple tips to take into consideration when interacting with your wedding vendors. See you next time!

Written by: Felix Vargas of Punto Event Performance Space
Photography: Olli Studio