One of the most anticipated events during the wedding planning process is the Bachelorette Party! With a multitude of options nowadays, Bachelorette parties have really evolved from being a one-night event to a full weekend (or longer) celebration – and in some cases, a getaway! With so many options to choose from it can sometimes be overwhelming. Have no fear though, The Bach, a free online bachelorette planning platform, is here to help. It makes the whole process simple, reliable and a ton of fun!

With access to the best Bachelorette party locations and activities located in the top 85 North American destinations, you can organize an event that is personalized and best represents your Bride. Curated lists of restaurants, bars, activities, spas, party buses, etc. allow you to put the pieces together seamlessly. From building an itinerary, creating invitations and coordinating the guest list, planning just got a whole lot easier thanks to The Bach!

Written by: Amanda Savory of Bespoke Moments
Photography: Olli Studio