Let’s face it, we all want it and quite frankly, we all need it. When we yearn for it, we can’t stop talking about it. When we have it, we can over share. But when does it become too much? How much should you share and when is it enough?

We get it, you’ve found the love of your life and you want the world to know. But the way you do it should almost be strategic. Here are some tips on what to do and not do:

1) Do: Post images on social media sites with your love.

2) Don’t: Post one image per day of you and your love. Photo spamming becomes redundant – and it also exposes your relationship to the world – letting everyone in all of the time. Privacy is important.

3) Do: Speak to your closest friends and family about minor issues and nuances in your relationship. This is good for the soul. Though you love your partner and should always keep that line of communication open with one another, you need to be able to vent to others from time to time about how you’re feeling.

4) Don’t: Overshare with random people or friends and family – especially those who can tend to be quick to judge. Remember, we all fight and argue and in a matter of days or even hours, everything is back to normal. So why share these small fights with others on a regular basis? This may begin to irritate those closest to you – and potentially change how they view your relationship with your partner and become unsupportive.

5) Do: Post images of your engagement and Wedding Day! These are special moments – and those individuals who could not make it to your Wedding, or live far away, can enjoy with you.

6) Don’t: Post images of your honeymoon! First of all, you shouldn’t be on social media while honeymooning. It’s your chance to escape from reality and cozy up in your bubble of love for a short time. Second of all, this special time is really meant to be kept between the two of you. It’s a memory created and shared by you only. Besides, keeping your photos private can make for a great show-and-tell and storytelling time once your kids are old enough!

The above were just a few tips on how to share your love and relationship with the world! Again, sing it from the rooftops – it’s a very special thing! However, be aware of how you do it. See you next time!

Written by: Felix Vargas of Punto Event Performance Space
Photography: Olli Studio