NYC wedding cinematography, NYC wedding films and NYC wedding videography

Everyone dreams of a fairy tale wedding, and many even succeed in arranging one. Extra care is taken to focus on every meticulous detail, from the location to setup, from the decor to the catering, we focus on everything.

Nancy & Tony's Wedding Highlight | NYC Wedding Cinematography & Videography | By Olli Studio from NY Wedding FIlms & Cinematograpy on Vimeo.

One thing however that has been overlooked in the past is capturing these moments. You spend thousands on getting the perfect night, but would it not be a waste if you cannot relive that night, show it to your children years later. This is why now people are opting for New York City wedding films and NYC wedding videography.

This NYC Wedding Cinematography offers a full-service wedding cinematography, exploring new and unique ways to capture your special day. The videography themes range from cinematic to documentary style wedding films, with various special effects added. These are not your typical wedding films, with the same clichéd capture of the entrances, closing up on guests’ face and sweeping over the church etc. It somehow gives a very disconnected, third person’s outlook as there is no interaction with the guests or anything to show whether the guests or the couple themselves enjoyed the party or not!

Catherine & Rory's Wedding Highlight | NYC Wedding Cinematography | By Olli Studio from NY Wedding FIlms & Cinematograpy on Vimeo.

This is why the latest NYC wedding films have taken a new turn with the shooting styles. While there are packages offered and each has its own specialty, the best part is you get to choose from amongst the fun styles like making a trailer or a teaser that you can upload to your social media, make a documentary style video with a ‘behind the scenes’ addition, with fun filters like ‘slow-motion’, black and white filters and antique photo filters. NYC film, videography also involves the guests by talking to them on a one-to-one basis, getting their wishes for the couple, their funny stories and make feature films too. The shooting style is also different with various modes to choose from like journalistic approach, documenting approach and capture each and every important moment as it occurs. They also film the whole event of 6 to 8 hours and provide the unedited, raw form of it too along with the edited version too. They also capture high definition videos, which are later burnt to DVDs and even Blu-Rays. Reliving your wedding day is completely redefined!

With the NYC wedding films, not only would one love to watch their wedding day’s films, but would enjoy it thoroughly with all the fun tweaks!

Josie & Anthony's Highlight | Wedding Cinematography | By Lovly Studio from NY Wedding FIlms & Cinematograpy on Vimeo.