In the Wedding and Events Industry not every idea and concept is new but, every idea can be re-mastered and spruced up. Turns out that you are a Bride-to-be and want to do something different. Something your friends have yet to do. Something “fresh”.

I started the New Year wanting a fresh way to attract new clientele to Punto Event Performance Space. Though it is still in progress, it seems to be working already. I’ve reconfigured our Social Media tactics which will take effect next week, and have refreshed some of our online listings with brand spanking new images of events at the space. Not to mention, our website is 95% complete!

I have digressed a little from my original thought. You’re planning your wedding – you have interviewed and possibly even chosen your designer, that’s great! But now you are having second thoughts or have come across something online that you think you might like better than what’s already been discussed. Not an issue. You should feel comfortable reaching out to your planner and/or designer with your new ideas – just as long as you give them ample time to make the necessary changes. In some instances though, you have a gut feeling that there is something missing but you just can’t put your finger on it. You’ve searched Pinterest and Google images however, nothing pops up that is of interest to you. Well, here are a few ideas that I feel always enhance weddings and events – and should be considered by all brides:

  • Dance Floors are a key part of your wedding where everyone can have fun and let loose. Let’s be honest, that’s where the first dance takes place – and where your guests end up – so why not scratch the traditional parquet flooring and opt for something cooler? Some fun options include: white or black dance floors (available at your rental company) or, you may have the option to choose from a variety of different colors and styles depending on what company you work with.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile, I would suggest a custom cut mirrored acrylic dance floor. They have become super popular in recent years and are still one of my favorite elements. They can be cut into different shapes and come in various colors. It is a festive way to anchor your wedding!

  • Ceiling Treatments – but no need to have them suspended above your entire fete! Sometimes when my brides envision suspended elements, they fail to realize that they don’t have to be overwhelming nor take over your entire venue. A simple yet beautiful way to incorporate hanging elements are to place groupings of them above your dance floor only. Whether you have a parquet or custom designed dance floor, this ought to spruce up your main event!
  • WOW Factors! Instead of focusing too much on grandiose table-scapes, you may want to opt for beautiful yet simple and elegant low centrepieces. You can also decorate your room with either one large floral element – whether it be a floral wall or arch – or an oversized floral hanging piece suspended above the party. If you’re more partial to smaller pieces, there is always the option to highlight the room with multiple medium sized floral urns.
  • Lounges are not only for the clubs! Nowadays, it is not uncommon for the Bride and Groom to bring the club to their Reception. Anchor your dance floor with groupings of small sofas or ottomans with side tables and coffee – see how it will transform your Wedding to a P-A-R-T-Y!

If new ideas are something that you’re seeking, I hope the above few items are of help! Until next time!

Written by: Felix Vargas of Punto Event Performance Space
Photographs compliments of: MWD Lifestyles Inc.