We cannot say we don’t like luxurious weddings. But I need to start by saying this: if you want a fairly traditional wedding, with the wedding dress and bridesmaids and a reception and all of that, there’s no such thing as a really simple wedding. A wedding can be simple, but only if you and your bride and a few friends go to the court and get married and go to dinner afterward. Currently more and more modern brides give up stressful wedding planning and start to look for something casual and individualized. An individualized wedding can be unique as a second-to-none personality. It’s about the bride, about how she wants her life to be like in the future–as simple as she could. The modern and the classic were intertwined in Lyndsey’s big day. They took a stroll in Manhattan, leaving their memories at the landmark sites. They were just telling us that this big day can be as simple as every day. Isn’t it the dream marriage for each bride?


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More Wedding Information:
Reception Venue:
Analogue (19 W 8th St, NYC) and Blossom (187 9th Ave, NYC)
The Wild Bunch (Brooke Lucas, hello@thewildbunchnyc.com)
Wedding Dress Designer:
Lankka Bridal (katb@lankka.com, https://www.etsy.com/shop/LankkaBridal/)
Tuxedo/Suit Designer:
Michael Kors through Menguin.com
Make up Artist:
Shirley Alonzo
Shirley Alonzo
Wedding Cake Designer:
Cinnamon Snail (vegan!)
Wedding Invitations Designer:
Wedding Paper Divas