Blog by Naomi Shaw | Photos from Olli Studio

When you have a winter wedding to look forward to, you might think that more makeup is essential to make you a bold bride. But natural beauty wins hands down! Here are tips on how to be radiant and beautiful – naturally – without letting the weather ruin your style.

Start with Good Skin 

No matter what makeup trends are sizzling this wedding season, you need to take care of your skin if you want it to glow naturally. Period. This is really easy because the focus is on being gentle.

  • Once or twice a week for the weeks leading up to your wedding, exfoliate dead skin cells that accumulate on the top of your skin and make it look dry or dull. You can do this with sugar, honey or just by squirting some of your favorite eco-friendly facial cleanser on a face cloth and gently rubbing it in circles. This brings fresh skin to the surface.

  • Don’t forget about your lips! In the colder months lips can become dry and flaky – not a sexy look! Make sure you look after the skin on your lips by exfoliating them, too – you can use a toothbrush dipped in warm water to slough away dead skin – and then using lip balm to seal in the softness.


Create Stronger Heat

Bronze and beautiful skin is a great way to make you feel invigorated while accentuating your natural beauty on your big day. However, make an all-natural bronzer yourself that doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Mix some cinnamon and cocoa powder together until you find a bronze shade that isn’t too dark for your skin tone. Then, with a makeup brush, gently dust it onto your skin to achieve a gorgeous glow that will boost your radiance while also accentuating wedding jewelry you’re wearing, such as a gorgeous gemstone bracelet or diamond earrings. The bonus is that this natural bronzer smells good enough to eat!

Achieve a Sexy Flush

Do you imagine yourself looking at your wedding pictures and seeing nice rosy cheeks? That fresh, natural look is trendy this season. You can recreate it the natural way with a DIY face mask a couple of days before your big day.

Mix together pink and red fruits, such as strawberries and cherries. Then apply the mixture like a face mask to your skin and sit with it for about 20 minutes. This will give your skin a natural, rosy brightness, plus berries are filled with antioxidants such as Vitamin C to nourish your skin.


Be Blooming Beautiful!

The cold months require you to wrap yourself in warm fashion accessories on your wedding, but achieving soft and beautiful textures is also a trend for your makeup this season. The thing to remember is that beauty is about nourishing your skin, not punishing it, so when you want to play around with fun colours on your eyes be sure they’re natural. Natural products are gentler to your skin so you sidestep allergic reactions and dry, irritated skin that is never worth risking, especially since your skin is more sensitive during the colder months.

Choose organic choices that are filled with healthy ingredients, such as Zuii Certified Organic eye shadow that contains nourishing flower petals to give you a soft but vibrant colour on your eyes. Blend in different colours for a bejewelled tone that looks natural while being healthy.

Freshen Up Your Face 

One of the easiest ways to be a naturally beautiful bride is to define your eyebrows. Gorgeous brows are every bride’s must-have! Simply maintaining them sculpts your face and makes you look rejuvenated. After plucking stray hairs, brush your brows upwards from the arch to the tail to give them that groomed but natural look. Sorted!

Look after your skin this season and put a natural spin on some of the hottest wedding beauty trends so you can be a radiant bride. You really don’t need to do a lot to be your most beautiful you!