They photograph beautifully, are one-of-a-kind in design and make you feel like Cinderella, but how comfortable are they?

This past weekend I went to Puerto Vallarta for a friend’s wedding. I made sure to pack my brand new Purple Label loafers, as they were the highlight of my outfit. Super cute but super uncomfortable after 2 hours – I’m back now and can barely walk!

Though it is crucial to look great on your wedding day, comfort is just as important. Once I had a client sport a pair of thin-heeled, six-inch Jimmy Choos from the Ceremony through to the after party, and we ended up in the ER. Not only were her feet in pain but her forehead as well. Due to very tired feet on the dance floor, this bride took a serious fall and cut her eyebrow open.

It is imperative, when seeking out shoes for your big day, to take into consideration the level of comfort they provide. Though you may not find a shoe that feels as though you’re walking with pillows on your feet AND compliments your dress at the same time, you should always go with the most comfortable of the bunch. Besides, no one really sees the shoe during the ceremony!

Lesson of the story? Make it so that comfort means beauty, even if it takes a few pairs of Dr. Scholls. Until next time!

Written by: Felix Vargas of Punto Event Performance Space
Photography: Olli Studio