You’re probably smiling now because you had one of your special days – your wedding day, outdoors. Or, you’re probably planning to! Weddings are supposed to be special. While they already are the first time you see the invites not to mention that look of love on the couple’s eyes, you already know that there’s really something to look forward to and one of them would be where it will be held. Out with the old, in with the new as what they’d say. Choosing your fave spot to celebrate love and make that promise of a lifetime would be great, right?

What makes it great? Others may ask. There are tons of advantages but let’s get you to the best ones from the many couples who told us their experiences from planning ’til their plans panned out.

1. Savings. It’s funny when others think outdoor weddings are expensive. They aren’t! When you get to pick a park where you two first met or that special garden where you first kissed, that would be just perfect! You actually don’t have to spend heaps for decorations, the place is ready to witness love!

2. Style. Yes, decorations and that personal touch. Couples – well brides especially, would want to make one of their momentous days great, who wouldn’t? And one of which is styling the area according to their preference. Getting an outdoor venues for ceremonies and the wedding party will make it easy to style. Because the place already tells so much, all you have to do is put some flowers and voila! Welcome yourself to a memorable wedding ever!

Make everything special on your wedding day. Saving for and during that memory of love that’s sure to last a lifetime wouldn’t make it any less at all. Two things – you’re being practical and certainly, you’d want to make a difference because your wedding day is as special as your togetherness.