Have you ever dreamt of getting married while the great Eiffel tower serves as your backdrop? Or would you like to see the petals of the cherry blossoms of Japan drift into the air while you’re getting married underneath it? Or maybe you just want to have the blue ocean and the white sand of Hawaii be part of your wedding? What’s stopping you from doing so? Not just because you are currently living in the city means that you get to be stuck in it.

Here are some tips to get all the jitters of travelling for your wedding day go down the drain:

Think about how much you have dreamt of going

If there is anything more perfect than going to that place you have been longing to go to than on your wedding day yourself. Make your dream travel be your dream wedding destination as well.

Decide which place to go to as a couple

You are both getting married, so it is but natural that the two of you gets to decide where. Do not decide on your own and put all the burden of making it perfect just because you have chosen it all by yourself. You will get too pressured if you do so. And weddings should be fun.

Work on your budget

Wherever you want to go, the most important thing to consider is your budget. You wouldn’t be able to decide the least where your wedding can take place without knowing if the both of you could afford it. The best thing to do is to make sure that you decide the place not just by how much the two of you wants it but because it is within your budget.

Don’t shun the idea of travelling abroad to get married. Wedding destination that is beyond your comfort zone would only make your relationship as a couple stronger. Something that every married couple should experience.