Just imagine yourself walking in the aisle with everyone looking at you. Maybe they’re staring at how beautiful you look like as a bride as you walk gracefully near your groom. But there is also a horrifying possibility that they are staring because they can see something that is wrong. Most of the time, aside from the dripping make up, a wardrobe malfunction could definitely make them all stare. Straps snapping, cuts on your wedding gown and unfitted gowns are usually considered as a wardrobe malfunction. Aside from all of those, didn’t you know that choosing the right material for your gown is also important? One example would be choosing silk as a material for your wedding gown. But like everything else, there are pros and cons of choosing a silk wedding gown.

One of the most common cons of getting a silk wedding gown is that it requires a lot of caring. Why? It is because getting it stained would require professional cleaning already. You can’t just put it in the laundry. The worst part is getting your dress laundered actually lessen its quality.

Nonetheless, the pros of using a silk wedding gown is far too many compared to what was mentioned. Silk are lightweight, breathable and good for your body. It is so lightweight that your movement won’t be constraint from wearing your wedding gown the entire day. Also, it is comfortable to wear since it is breathable. You don’t have to worry from sweating when you accommodate your guests. It takes a lot of effort to stride from one table to another when you are wearing a gown. But with silk wedding gown, it is definitely easier. Also, they say that wearing silk has some benefits to your body. Silk delays the aging of your skin and makes your hair look great.

So start looking for the perfect design and cut for a silk wedding gown because you could never go wrong with one.