Tie the knot. Marriage. Wedding. Whatever you might call it – it all boils down to making that promise of togetherness official and of course it’s expected to be special just like your love for each other.
Sweet! Yes, definitely! But the preparations? Uhhh.. Will that qualify for so much love for so much less?

While we all know that you both have two different worlds about to be joined together… or perhaps, same worlds now to be intertwined even more now for that promise of a lifetime, to plan for the big day is definitely essential. Not for anything but everything to just be perfect.. Yes, that feeling is pretty familiar. There’s that excitement but of course, the pressure.

Time.That’s what we always run out of. Love? When it’s true there’s always that but time when not managed carefully just falls out as though they were flower petals. Since that very day that you’ve finally decided to call that lifetime for each other, pressure is one of the words attached to it. So plan your big day ahead. Give time. Take time.

Yes, we tend to rush because we get too excited. Who wouldn’t? But sometimes, we have to calm down. A big day means big preparations too even when it is meant to be simple. It’s a significant day for both of you marking a start to a story for a lifetime. Breathe. Love, yes but breathe and take a halt. Everything will be perfect. Trust your instincts.