If you think that drops of snowflakes and a white blanket of snow would make anything so romantic, then having your wedding on a winter day is just perfect for you. Don’t think that having a bit of a snow would hinder the possibility of having a winter wedding. Why let the season dictate what you or shouldn’t do anyway? This is your wedding day and you could choose whenever you want to do it. Although, having a winter wedding day is not the usual type of wedding that couples usually chooses because of some constraints that this brings, it is actually very doable. Here are some of the things that you should take into consideration when planning your winter wedding:

  • Say goodbye to those backless and plunging neckline dresses

Due to obvious reasons, you can’t wear wedding gowns that shows too much skin unless you want to freeze to death. But don’t you worry, there are a lot of elegant wedding gowns to choose from. You’ll definitely look like an ice queen when walking down the aisle and your bridal entourage would look so cool. Figuratively.

  • Choose a venue that would accentuate your winter wedding theme

Since you opted to a winter wedding theme, make sure that your entire venue would fit in. It wouldn’t fit if your reception would have surfboards nor bright flowers in it because all of those would scream summer. It would look nice to have a frozen mountain as your backdrop for your reception and a vast frozen lake as well. Create a huge gazebo that is enough to protect your guests and your food from the dropping snow. How you’ll do it will be up to your imagination. That’s the fun part.

  • Too much snow won’t do

You might want to have a winter wedding but you wouldn’t want to remember your wedding day as the day that a great avalanche hit your town. So make sure that you check the weather forecast before saving the dates.

It would take a lot of creativity and efforts to make your dream of having a winter wedding day a reality. But isn’t that what make reaching your dreams more exciting? So start planning and execute.