There you stood in a middle of a garden filled with blooming flowers while the sunny sky illuminated your surroundings. As your man held your hand and dropped down to one knee while holding out that beautiful engagement ring, you just can’t help but wonder how incredible everything was. You said yes and everyone, from your family and friends and to his as well, popped out of nowhere. You could still here them cheering over the magical noise of the fireworks and you just knew that you’ll remember this moment and feeling forever. Nothing could make it better than experiencing it on the national proposal day itself.

Yes, did you know that just like almost everything, they have created a national proposal day that occur annually? This 2016, the national proposal day happened last March 20, 2016. It is a day that most man who wants their proposal to be a memorable one chooses to propose. It might sound cliché but such a day would commemorate the day that a man had the courage to ask for the hand of their loved one in marriage. No matter what kind of relationship one has, it is definitely nerve wracking for a man to pop the “Will you marry me?” question because of their fear of being rejected for whatever reason it might be.  So they pop it on a day that they know that a lot of man would attempt to do it just to reassure themselves that they are not alone for the moment. That somewhere out there someone is proposing just like what he is doing. Plus, they got to be a part of a memorable event of the year. So how dope is that?

Nonetheless, despite the coolness of being a part of the National Proposal Day, what really matters is that you are doing it with love and whole heartedly. And with that, you could propose whenever you want to.