There is nothing more serene that having to say “I do” underneath a sky reflecting a vast deep ocean. As the white chiffon decoration sway with the comforting sea breeze, the bride walks down the aisle that is made of natural sand. The bride’s hair sways with every blow while her skin is naturally accentuated by the bright sun. The groom fell deeply concentrated with her bride as she makes her way towards him.  A sight that left him hearing the beat of his heart amidst the rolling waves. It is indeed a picture-perfect scenario. And no one could even fathom anything that is much more beautiful than that.

There is a reason why a great percentage of couples who are planning to get married dreams of having a beach wedding. It is because it is very romantic. It is so romantic because it entails something that is out of the ordinary. Not that there is something wrong with traditional weddings, it’s just that being married on a wide seashore shows how carefree in love a couple is. They opt to be as free as the seagulls on their wedding day. That they need not to show how perfect they are but how they truly love each other.

Wanting to have the perfect dream beach wedding isn’t just about how the two of you felt with all the scenery and perfect environment. Mundane stuff, like ensuring that the decorations are in accordance to what you have envisioned your dream beach wedding, should also be taken into consideration. Just like any other preparation, dream should be something that you achieve through hard work and patience. Weddings aren’t an exemption.

Despite all of those, one should put in mind that dream beach wedding is not the most important decision that a couple will have. It is the willingness to be considered as “one” whether it would be a beach wedding or not.