People cry at weddings most likely because of how happy they are for witnessing such a perfect and love-filled day for the bride and groom. No matter how flawless everything seems to be, truth be told, the pre-wedding days shows the real battle.

Ever heard of engaged couples breaking off their engagement? Yes. They didn’t make it through the stress of wedding preparation. But there is no need to fear. All it takes is planning together.

One of the most common disputes of would-be married couples is deciding where to get married. Being born and raised to different places makes it even more difficult to choose. This is when the both of you should consider your wedding venue budget.

Remember that aside from the venue, there are other things that you will be considering for your wedding. From the wedding dress, wedding cake, your entourage, and many more. It is then advisable that you both stick to the budget. A lot a certain percentage for your venue and decide it as a couple.

In deciding where, you should think which is the most cost efficient but make sure that you love the place as well. It isn’t true that one can’t have the best of both worlds. If the both of you are persistent, you’ll definitely find a place that would fit in your budget and fit in your heart as well. A type of venue wherein you just knew that it will be your wedding place with just one look. Not everything that is beautiful is expensive. Sometimes, places that has been on the market for too long are expensive because of all the promotions not because it is beautiful.

Take time in finding your wedding venue because you’ll get married once and it should be in a place that would matter with the two of you. Despite a tight budget, with sheer determination from the both of you, your wedding venue will definitely be perfect.