Get to have a unique, majestic and very possible wedding location despite the very busy New York vibe. Don’t let your wedding be constrained by the towering building and settle to the common wedding reception. You might be living in one of the busiest cities in the world but that shouldn’t hinder you from being creative on your wedding day.

Contrary to the common belief of every New Yorker, one doesn’t have to board a plane and bring the entire clan to a wedding destination outside the country. Although the idea isn’t that bad, not everyone could afford it. So if you want your wedding to be different but affordable, butterfly garden weddings could fit you. Here are some of the reasons on why you should consider this simple yet pretty wedding:

  • Butterfly gardens are becoming a great deal. New Yorkers could get a taste of nature on their wedding day in New York itself. You no longer have to go outside the country just so you could free yourself from the shadows of the skyscrapers in New York City since a remedy has been found within it.
  • You get to have the rare sight of butterflies on your wedding day. Living in New York, you won’t see butterflies just flying around you. Just imagine how your entourage would look like while you are walking down the aisle and all the butterflies just flutter around you.
  • Butterflies makes the entire event colourful. You can opt to a white chiffon wedding theme without making it look too plain since you’ll have butterflies to compensate to the lack of vivid colours.

One could never go wrong in choosing a butterfly garden wedding for the benefits of having one is more than to what was aforementioned. But no matter what kind of wedding you’ll go with, what is important is that you go for what you and your couple want to.