Although the most important part of a wedding day is the ceremony itself, everyone would agree that so much thought and preparation are spent in planning the wedding reception. After all, this will be the first party that the couple will host as husband and wife. This is the reason why everything must be perfect. Still, there are some circumstances that both parties can’t decide on what kind of wedding reception they will have. Since two became one, it could get really frustrating to please both sides of the family especially if both came from different culture, class and style. For circumstances like this, it is better to have a mixed wedding reception. Its fun, new and it would solve your dilemma in choosing your wedding reception. Here are the perks of having this kind of wedding reception compared to the traditional single themed wedding receptions:

• You can avoid unnecessary arguments with your soon-to-be spouse and his or her family
No need to get feisty by shoving down your thoughts to your partner. Remember that marriage, just like your relationship is a two-way street. Consider their thoughts and yours as well by having a mixed wedding reception.

• Your guest will have more choices in terms of food
The more the merrier. By having a more diverse food selection, your guest would definitely enjoy the food prepared based on different culture.

• You will have a one of a kind wedding reception
Mixed wedding reception is not yet a popular concept since single themed wedding reception has been the tradition. But in a world wherein being different is a goal, having a one of a kind wedding reception is such a thrill.

• You can have fun incorporating two theme in a single wedding reception
Despite the pressure of creating a perfect mixed wedding reception, it is pretty fun too. Just by thinking on how you would jive two different culture on one reception could make all your creative juices flowing. Something that could brighten up every bride and groom.