The wedding ceremony has ended and everyone was at awe for they’ve never seen such a heartfelt and love-filled wedding ceremony in their entire lives. As the wedding ceremony ended, everyone proceeds to the wedding reception. This is the part wherein the best man and the bridesmaid share their wedding speech. Despite such mundane task, a lot actually failed to nail this one task. Horrifying videos and pictures could be taken to commemorate such failure in delivering their speech and worst, some actually ended up offending the married couple and completely destroying the entire mood of the wedding celebration.
To avoid ruining such an important day, here are 5 things to consider when giving wedding speeches.

1. Make it quick. Remember that the entire reception was not meant for your speech. Be brief but meaningful. Beating around the bush might because you harm because you might indulge into matters that you shouldn’t talk about. The brain just won’t function well when you feel nervous.

2. Always make it about the bride and the groom. This is not your wedding day. Don’t make this about you. No one wants to know how many breakups you’ve been through and that you’re happy the couple didn’t end up just like you. Remember, you’re supposed to talk about them and not about you.

3. Avoid negativity. Maintain the positive vibe that you have felt on the wedding ceremony. Avoid being the cause of commotion because you just can’t stay positive with the uneven table lining and you just had to include it on your speech.

4. Do not use embarrassing stories. Although it’s cute to make your friend cringe from embarrassment, avoid too much of this especially if the embarrassing story is directed to your friend’s partner. He or she might not get your humour.

5. Know your limitation. Remember that there are guests that don’t have to know what you’ve done with your buddy back in college. They probably will shake their heads in disapproval. So better not disclose stories that are supposed to be secrets.
With this in mind, you’ll definitely be able to provide a wedding speech that are well-deserved by your newly-wedded friends.