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Whether it’s for your Wedding Day, your daughter’s Sweet 16 celebration, or a company party, the Photo Booth is where it’s AT! Read on for 7 reasons why…

1)    Keepsakes and favors! 2-for-1! The Photo Booth offers keepsakes for the Host/Hostess, and provides fun, inexpensive favors for the guests. WOW, having fun and saving at the same time!

2)    Life of the party! The Photo Booth gets the party started – and is a source of entertainment for all ages!

3)    Memories captured! The Photo Booth is another way to capture memorable moments throughout the event. Along with a Photographer and Cinematographer, the Photo Booth contributes to documenting your special night from every angle.

4)    Wallflowers, no more! Not only is the Photo Booth for ALL ages, it’s also for ALL guests. More specifically, for those guests who are not huge fans of the D-floor, the Photo Booth is their time to SHINE! It gets everyone up, active and partying!

5)    Sweet and spice… and everything nice – that’s what Photo Booth’s are made of! Customize your Photo Booth with your own unique party theme – and let your personality shine through! With cool backdrops and eclectic props, you’ll have your guests lined up all night!

6)    Go VIRAL! Let everyone know how much fun you are having by instantly posting your crazy Photo Booth pictures online! Thanks to technology, along with their personal photo printouts, your guests have the option of posting them on Facebook AND having them sent to their email inboxes for personal use later on (Hint: Think Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter).

7)    Get SILLY with your guests! Whether it’s the Bride & Groom, the Hostess with the Mostess, or the Company CEO, the Photo Booth is the PERFECT way for the party thrower(s) to connect with their guests and HAVE SOME FUN – all while being documented!


Some couples today are adamant about sticking to tradition when it comes to their wedding day. Especially when it comes to honoring the age-old tradition that it’s bad luck for the Groom to see his Bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony. But, have you ever taken a moment to consider what would happen if you didn’t abide by that? Or better yet, understand the rationale for that ‘belief’? Here’s the short and the sweet of it: back in the day when arranged marriages were the norm, weddings were more like a business deal between two families. In order to prevent the Groom from changing his mind, and backing out of the transaction, he was not allowed to lay eyes on the Bride until the very last possible moment – usually when they were standing across from one another, and he was given permission to lift her veil. Today, whether arranged or not, more and more couples on their wedding day are kissing this superstition goodbye, and embracing the FIRST LOOK before they walk down the aisle. While those of you who just gasped at that idea – and cringe at the thought of it – please take a moment to hear me out –

4 fabulous reasons why to include the FIRST LOOK on your special day:

  1. Generally most Brides and Grooms find the wedding day to be very hectic. Given that they are the reason their families and friends have come together, it makes sense that they find themselves in great demand with their guests the day of. Between thanking guests for coming and receiving many well wishes in the form of hugs, kisses, countless one-on-one conversations and photo selfies, there is very little time for the Bride and Groom to truly be alone with one another. The FIRST LOOK provides that chance for the happy couple to take each other in, and have an intimate moment, before things get crazy! After all, the person you want most to celebrate with is your fiancé, no?!
  1. Groom – “Oh my gosh, look at her! She’s glowing. She’s beautiful. She’s all mine!”
    Bride – “I can’t take my eyes off of him!”
    Groom & Bride – “You are my best friend and the love of my life!”
    These are the thoughts most happy couples are thinking during the beginning of the ceremony – but instead of having a private dialogue with yourself while walking down the aisle to your soon-to-be husband, or while waiting for your bride to arrive at your side, why not share that first moment aloud with your partner. Being able to experience such an honest and emotional moment with your fiancé is so incredibly special – it’s what the wedding day is all about. The FIRST LOOK not only makes time for THE most special moment, it also provides an opportunity to capture those first thoughts in photos and on film. What a wonderful addition to your wedding photography and cinematography coverage!
  1. Variety is the spice of life – and that also applies to your wedding photography and cinematography coverage! The FIRST LOOK provides the opportunity to capture a wide range of photos and film footage – in perfect hair and makeup – all before the ceremony and reception kick off! (Hint: Think more time dedicated to celebrating and socializing with friends and family during the cocktail hour!)
  1. Probably the most important reason: The FIRST LOOK helps to calm nerves and the excited energy running through the body, allowing the Bride and Groom to be present, and as a result, truly enjoy the day. You are each other’s support systems – might as well get a jump on it and start supporting before you say “I do!”.

Have a peek for yourself – see below!

First Look from OLLI STUDIO on Vimeo.


In our experience, the answer is undoubtedly, YES! Having a Cinematographer capture your special day, is just as important as having a Photographer. You will want to look back on your wedding day as a spectator in order to experience again all those beautiful moments that can seem fleeting on such a busy day. From the first look to exchanging your vows, as well as your Maid of Honor’s toast, and your Dad holding back tears as he wishes you all the best, Cinematography documents every single breath of your big day. But don’t just take our word for it, read on to find out what a few of Olli Studio wedding couples had to say…

“I’m so glad that we went with Don and his team to photograph (and record) our wedding! My family couldn’t stop raving about how professional and together they all were. They made the day go by so much more smoothly (one of the assistants even pinned on the boys’ boutonnieres). The photos look fantastic, and I can’t wait to see how the video turns out!” – Lauren on weddingwire.com
Wedding took place on: 10/12/2013

“Don and Moo were accommodating from the very beginning! They are beyond professional and provide you with a service that is nothing but superb. My husband, Johnnie and I used Olli Studio for our engagement shoot, wedding photography and wedding cinematography! Almost four months later, our family and friends are still talking about the quality of work they produced. I highly recommend them.” – Mwashington98 on theknot.com
Wedding took place on: 03/30/2014


For a glimpse of what your wedding day could look like on the BIG SCREEN, click below.

Vanessa & Duane from OLLI STUDIO on Vimeo.