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    Capture-the-Moment’ NYC Wedding Photographer, Don Hwang, and ‘Storytelling-Sap’ Cinematographer, Moo Jae, met at a New York City Wedding event (go figure!) and decided to join their artistic superhero forces! You could say their union was meant to be (no pun intended)! All it took was a list of future newlyweds, the click of a camera shutter and the zoom of a focusing lens – oh, and let’s not forget a sprinkling of Wedding fairytale dust – and OLLI STUDIO NY Fine Art Weddings was born!

    Don and Moo have collaborated with hundreds of NYC engaged-couples to help bring their Wedding vision to life by capturing each and every detail of their special day! Starting with a warm greeting and unbeatable first impression, all the way through to receiving the final Wedding Day product – and every step in between – these two gentleman put their hearts, souls and much TLC into making every couple’s Wedding Day dreams come true! If you’ve yet to experience what was just described, Click Here to take a peek!

    Moo Jae is a professional NYC Wedding Cinematographer with a background as an experienced NJ Wedding Videographer. OLLI STUDIO has been creating wedding videos and wedding films since 2005. Moo Jae enjoys capturing wedding memories in NJ, NYC, PA, Tri-State Area, The Hamptons, Long Island city and other destination weddings. Focusing on New York City Wedding Cinematography and converting raw love stories into wedding films, Moo Jae documents every style of wedding from modern, classic, vintage weddings with rustic wedding details to million dollar weddings with an elegant wedding ceremony.

This week we’re going backwards. I’m taking you back to when you were both just dating, and marriage was never spoken of. When you were seeing each other, but still had flings on the side because you were unsure as to whether or not the two of you were a match made in heaven.

Remember how much you enjoyed those endless walks in the park? How about those numerous late night phone conversations that ended at 4AM, and you’d have to be up at the crack of 7am for work the next morning? Well what if I told you there is a possibility, actually, an obligation for this to happen all over again? (Except the part with the flings, of course.)

Married couples can have the tendency to fall into a routine after years of marriage. The stresses of work, family life and new obligations can often take a toll on a relationship, which is why it’s important to rekindle the flame every now and then to ensure that it’s still burning strong. Here are a few dating tips I feel would enhance your relationship, in the event that it’s in need of a spicy boost:

1) I previously stated that you should go on dates at least once or twice a month. This is always good but, how much better would it be if you replicated a date you went on during the beginning stages of dating? Relive the moment.

2) Gifts: Get into the habit of frequently buying gifts for one another. Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day or a special occasion to pick something small up. Having said that, don’t just buy any gift – put some thought into it. Perhaps getting your partner the perfume or cologne they wore when you first met, or maybe even a pair of shoes reminiscent of ones they used to wear.

3) Keep it Simple: Chances are you’ve both grown up, have great paying jobs and can afford more than you could when you first met. However, it’s always nice to keep things simple. Instead of splurging on more lavish items, let your hair down from time to time and relax. The simpler the better. Road trips are always fun or even camping. Whatever you do, leave the over-the-top planning behind.

Sometimes we can become so consumed in our day-to-day busy lives and where we are now, that we forget where we were before. Don’t forget that where we were before, and who we were before, is a huge part of where our lives are now. Reverting to the old from time to time is not always a bad thing. Let love rule and the ol’ good times roll!!

Written by: Felix Vargas of Punto Event Performance Space
Photography: Olli Studio


On the boardwalk in Long Beach, NY, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean on an overcast yet pleasant day, Rory stood alone excitedly awaiting a first look at his soon-to-be wife and forever-partner, Catherine, in her wedding gown. Let us just say that the Bride did not disappoint! C was a vision in white, dressed in a stunning capped lace sleeve and deep v-neckline fitted dress that outlined her feminine figure. She held a bouquet of white calla lilies with a silhouette that one could argue mirrored the Bride herself. Her perfect half-up-half-down hairstyle of soft curls topped with a floor-length veil completed the look and evoked an overall breathtaking gasp. The Groom’s reaction the moment he laid eyes upon the love of his life? Well, it certainly was sweet and smile inducing. To find out – click play and take a greater glimpse into this darling duo’s special day!

Ceremony: Saint Ignatius Martyr Church
The Ocean Club
Olli Studio

Catherine & Rory’s Wedding Highlight | NYC Wedding Cinematography | By Olli Studio from OLLI STUDIO on Vimeo.


Elise & Tim’s Same Day Wedding Edit is just the perfect sneak peek capture of the day this darling duo said, “I do!” Everything about E&T’s wedding was sweet, romantic and magical. The blushing Bride was a vision in her sweetheart neckline gown, delicate floor-length veil and crystallized pink jewelry – an added touch of color to the ensemble. To complement, Elise’s bridesmaids were pretty in their powder pink gowns. The handsome Groom as smart as ever, was accompanied by his band of groomsmen, all looking crisp and fresh in bow tie and tux attire. The celebration began at Our Lady of Queen of Martyrs stunning cathedral church. The mesmerizing stained glass windows overlooking the union created a magical and romantic setting. After promising forever to one another, the B&G moved the party to the breathtaking grounds of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. In a refurbished-looking glass greenhouse, Elise & Tim’s nearest and dearest toasted the happy couple. It was smiles all around! Take a moment and step inside this heartwarming affair!

Ceremony: Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church
Reception: Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Cinematography: Olli Studio

Elise & Tim’s Same Day Wedding Edit | NYC Wedding Cinematography | By Olli Studio from OLLI STUDIO on Vimeo.


“From the first day we met I knew that my world would never be the same. Since we have been together…”, and as if on cue, the handsome groom pulled out a handkerchief for his beautiful, teary-eyed bride. The following personalized vows exchanged by this super cool, so visibly in-love couple, highlighted their new found joy and the positive impact each has had on the other. On May 23, Ashley & Brian went all in and put their love for each other on the wedding table, so to speak. This duo knew from the beginning that this was it – they had found the one to challenge, support, learn from, lift up and stand beside! From the moment A&B locked eyes in Grand Central Terminal where Olli captured their first Wedding Day look, they didn’t take their eyes off one another – or hands or lips for that matter! After delivering deeply moving vows and saying “I do”, the Bride & Groom had a celebratory dance down the aisle as the newly pronounced Mr. & Mrs. The party then continued at New York City’s well-known The Cutting Room, where great music, food and cocktails were shared with family and friends. The remainder of the evening included a choreographed dance number, starring Ashley & Brian, as well as a special stage performance by the Bride and the wedding band. For a glimpse of this oh so special day, click play!

Ceremony: Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church: Kirkland Chapel
Reception: The Cutting Room
Cinematography: Olli Studio

Ashley & Brian’s Wedding Highlight | NYC Wedding Cinematography & Videography | By Olli Studio from OLLI STUDIO on Vimeo.

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