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GIVELY is the new Wedding Gift Registry. For soon-to-be-wed couples, gift registry shopping – while lots of fun – can sometimes be daunting, and then on the opposite end of the spectrum, plain boring. What do we mean exactly? The list of Wedding gift ideas is essentially endless. From a Restoration Hardware gift certificate to a weekend getaway at a cozy cottage, guests today are looking for more creative ways to celebrate newly weds. “Yes, that’s right! So how does daunting and boring come into play”, you ask? Sometimes the creative energy that comes with gift giving can be translated into pressure – both for the engaged-couple and their guests. Pressure to compile an out of this world gift registry for family & friends – and pressure to come up with an over-the-top wedding gift. But what about boring? Tapping back into that creative energy for a second, wouldn’t it be fun (for both parties) to include something different on your gift registry – something other than an expensive espresso machine and silverware – something that screams convenience? Yes! Please get to the point already!

Sign up for GIVELY and have your family & friends contribute to your DREAM WEDDING!

Forget your matching towel sets, kitchen supplies and Home Depot gift certificates, and have your Wedding Guests invest in your BIG DAY by gifting you items such as: your Wedding Photography Album or that Wedding party-attraction Photo booth. In other words… rather than feel shackled by your budget, or blasé about your gift registry, get a new lease on Wedding Planning and enable your guests to contribute to your special day through the gift of Photography, Cinematography or a trendy Photo Booth Collection! Everyone wins!

Avoid repeats. Get something that you want.



Kirby & Nelto’s Wedding Day will be remembered as a beautiful affair thanks in part to the perfect mid-September weather and The Tides Estate - their venue of choice in North Haledon, New Jersey. This love-struck couple created a unique experience for family and friends, making it memorable with tiny but hugely significant details and personal touches. A color theme of crisp beige offset with deep oranges, yellows and plums created a warm and inviting ambiance that enveloped the celebration. Silver puzzle piece key chains with first name inscription served as mementos for the stylish Bridal Party. The icing on the gold frosted wedding cake? An “Our Love is a Legacy” ornament that spoke to their life long commitment made earlier that day. Every piece came together in the form of an elegant whole! Get a sneak peek below!

Wedding Photography: Olli Studio


Olli Studio is proud to announce the arrival of our first ever SLOW MOTION BOOTH, where SLOW MO MAGIC is created!!! In addition to our “where it’s at!” Photo booth, Michelle & Marco’s Wedding Day included this fun-for-all party attraction that captured HILARIOUS real-time moments of laughter, dancing, screaming, party-popping, glitter-throwing (we could go on) action!!! To truly understand what’s being described above, CLICK BELOW!!!

Slow Mo booth: Olli Studio

Michelle & Marco’s Slow Mo Magic from OLLI STUDIO on Vimeo.