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Do me a favor: take a minute to picture everything you’ve ever imagined a perfect colorful wedding to be… then feast your eyes on this lovely Shimin & Howard. Because that perfect colorful wedding? It’s a total reality. Think beautiful backdrop by the waters, vibrant + colorful details and a stunning bride who knows her way around DIY. It’s everything, lovelies. See it all right here.

Cinematography: ollistudio.com/
Ceremony/Reception: Marine Museum

Award-winning NYC Wedding Cinematography by OLLI STUDIO.

Shimin & Howard Highlight from OLLI STUDIO on Vimeo.


Everyone knows that wedding held at New York Botanical Garden is going to be absolutely gorgeous. That’s just a given.  But, when it’s a wedding featuring one of the sweetest duos you will ever lay your eyes upon, it gives it a little something extra special that can’t really be put into words.  Here is a sneak peek of Julia & Leo!!

Photography & Cinematography: OLLI STUDIO
Ceremony Coordinator: Jennifer Kelly
Ceremony & Reception: New York Botanical Garden
Caterer: Steven StarrFlorist: Diane Wagner – Surroundings Flowers  
DJ: Rob from Cameryn Entertainment